War Game

Thanks to Ben C, over at televisiontakenote for this, which I’m reposting below.  This is a film from 1965 which, in a similar manner to Threads some twenty years later, graphically details the likely effects of the outbreak of thermonuclear war on Britain.

The device of the drama-documentary, which has once again risen to prominence in the last decade, is particularly apt for conveying the grim realities of the subject matter.

The other striking element to this film is the ultra-realistic make up and effects used in many of the sequences.  In these days of climate catastrophe, cgi heavy, drama-docs which in striving for the epic appear simply laughable, the BBC would do well to re-acquaint itself with the style of such films as this sobering gem.

Oh, and it should be on the curriculum for all 14-18s.  If the government is committed,  as it claims to be, to both maintaining an “independent nuclear deterrent” and also to revise the schools history to tell the “Glorious tale of Britain“, it could do well to explain to pupils precisely what the consequences of these notions (which still tacitly back up most foreign policy discourses) are for those pesky statistical notions known as human beings by defence planners.

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