Once upon a time there was a man.  And the whole of the internet.  And somewhere, in-between these two things, what was sometimes, laughingly called reality.

The man thought that it might be fun to see if these disparate elements could be fused together in some unholy creation.  Or just used for cheap laughs.

This is how this website was born, some fourscore and, about two days ago.  It was going to be themed, but this idea has since been abandoned, owing to the infinite complexity of all things, and the author’s lack of concern for any one topic for any period of time longer than that between lunch and teatime.

This site will, then, have many things including (hopefully) but not limited to, current affairs observations, blunt instrument satire, cross-posting, short essays and perhaps, if the author can obtain some kind of powerful concentration remedy from a Chinese herbalist, some short stories in development.

Or maybe he’ll just put up pictures of cats with illiterate sentence fragments underneath.  He’s not sure yet.

Read, comment, suggest topics for the author, even submit work of your own (original stuff or hilarious things you’ve found on the web)

But above all, get mad, get mad as hell (and don’t take it anymore)

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